What is Vocal Music/Chorus?

This course is designed to promote musical growth in every student by developing vocal skills, studying different composers and styles of music, and learning to read music. We also add some choreography here and there! This IS a performance course with REQUIRED attendance at chorus concerts. If you want to be in a music class where you do not sing, please sign up for general music instead.

Important Dates (2019-2020)

-Cleveland Proud Day: 
-Variety Show: October 29, 7pm
-Veterans Day Concert: Nov. 8, 8:30am       (parents are welcome, but not required)
-Winter Concert: Dec. 17, 7pm
-School Musical: February 28 and 29, 7pm
-Night of the Arts: April 7, 5:30pm
-Field Trip: May 9, All Day
-Spring Concert: May 12, 7pm  

Remind Codes

-Sixth Grade: @bot6chorus
-Seventh Grade: @bot7chorus
-Eighth Grade: @bot8chorus

Important Announcements

Parents: Make sure you fill out your child's info form for the year.

Variety Show: Stay tuned for more information about our Variety Show! Information meeting coming soon! 

Google Classroom Codes

-Sixth Grade: lj9nm2  
-Seventh Grade: wv7eyhl    
-Eighth Grade: 4n2tt8
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